Riding 1 hour 20 €/per
Carriage/wagon/sledge ride 1hour 12€/per
 Leading (in hand)  4€/circle
Fullboard (bathroom ensuite)(includes: accommodation+breakfast, lunch and dinner) 52€/per
Fullboard (without bathroom)Fullboard in cottage house 48€/per46€/per
Bed and breakfast (bathroom ensuite) 28€/per
Bed and breakfast (without bathroom) 24€/per
B&B in cottage house 22€/per
Lunch,dinner  or picnicLight meal 12€/per9€/per
Sauna 4 €
Massage (preordering only)         0,5h 22€/per
Place for tent 5€/per person
Caravan/RV (incl. usage of electicity, kitchen and bathrooms) 6€/per person
Caravan/RV (without using any facilities) 4€/per.
Transport:  Kuivastu-Tihuse or Tihuse-Kuivastu 11€/auto
Regular customer 10% discount.
Children under 3 y. without charge.
3-11 v. 1/2 price (Accommodation, meals and carriage ride)
  Payment in cash or by invoice!