Perfect for those, who love horses and nature, but still feel that they don´t want to ride horseback.
Carriage is driven by one of our guides, who will introduce surroundings and will answer your questions.

Come with friend/girlfriend, family, acquaintances, co-workers or your class and Tihuse will offer you an invigorating trip to the nature to visit forest fairies on the ancient culture trail or to the neighborhood villages. You only have to sit back and enjoy the surroundings and company.


IN WINTER, when the land is covered with snow, we invite you to the sledgeride through the snowy forest. Trip lasts one hour and is suitable to people of all ages.


If there is no snow, we´ll be glad to drive you around with carriages and wagons.

  • One carriage holds 5 persons. We have 4 carriages with suspensions.
  • Wagon holds up to 8 adults and up to 10 small children.
  • Sledge holds up to 6 persons. We have 4 sledges.


  1.  1h- rides in the neighbouring villages and in the mystic forest nearby.
  2.  1h-visiting „ the seven roads crossing” and knocking on the wishing stone.
  3.  2h-ancient culture trail. Magical seven roads crossing and knocking on the wishing stone. Lehtmetsa fairystone and sliding down from the slidestone.

1hour ride costs 12€/pers. (kids 3-11 y.o. -50% discount, under 3 years free)

For bigger groups ( company´s summer days, children´s field trips, family reunions etc.) ask for personal offer!


Our driver and two horses harnessed in front of restored wedding coach from the year 1886 wish to make your special day memorable (weddings,anniversarys, birthdays etc.)

Ask for offer