RIDING – you can enjoy beautiful nature and picturesque views from the saddle. Riding in the nature for the novice and experienced riders. One hour riding for one person costs 18€  (2 hour = 36€/per person)

IMAG0269Since Estonian horse is generally small breed, there are restrictions to the persons whose bodyweight is over 110kg. As an alternative, we offer carriage/sledge ride instead.



We offer basic instructions for the complete novice riders. We have specially selected horses who are experienced and calm. Ride will be led by guide who will instruct how to sit in the saddle so it´s comfortable for both, the rider and the horse. The guide also gives instructions and shows basic riding technics (thus helping to win the trust of the horse).

We offer rides 1-2hours for the beginners. For the people riding very first time we recommend to start from one hour.

Routes for the novice riders 1-2h:

  1.  1h- rides in the neighbouring villages and in the mystic forest nearby.
  2.  1h-visiting „ the seven roads crossing” and knocking on the wishing stone.
  3.  2h-ride to the beach.
  4.  2h-ancient culture trail. Magical seven roads crossing and knocking on the wishing stone. Lehtmetsa fairystone and sliding down from the slidestone.


Tütarlaps ja õnn; A: Kristiina Veltmander


Instructor will lead the horse around in the Tihuse lawn. 1 circle 4€/per. Duration ca 3 min.




For experienced riders we have friskier horses. We offer rides 1-6 hours (4-, 5- and 6 hour rides include picnic break and free time ca 2h).

Rides for experienced riders 1-3 hours:

  1.   1h- rides in the neighbouring villages and in the mystic forest nearby.
  2.  1h-visiting „ the seven roads crossing” and knocking on the wishing stone.
  3.  2 and 3h -Ride to the Püssina cliff (walk on the beach)
  4.  2 and 3h rides to the Muhu inland cliffs.
  5.  3h -ancient culture trail. Magical seven roads crossing forest and knocking to the wishing stone. Lehtmetsa fairystone and Lalli slidestone. The Püssina „Old Man” and Püssina 430 mln years old coral cliffs.



ALL DAY LONG TRIPS –  (only for very experienced riders! Rides include a fair amount of galloping!):

We will ride along gravel roads, across the fields, through the forests and local villages. We will meet local sightseeings, semi- natural habitats and holy sites. With good luck we see wild animals (foxes, hares, deers, moose and wild boars)

Long rides 4-6 hours +picnic:

  1.   Pädaste manor (4 or 5 h+picnic)
  2.   Võilaid / Foal Island (5 h+picnic)
  3.   Koguva (6 h+picnic)
  4.   Üügu (4 or 5 h+picnic)

(For detailed description of each long ride, click on the name)


ATTENTION! Routes for the long rides will be decided on the previous evening based on weather broadcast, condition of the roads and the majoritys wishes. We don´t do two different long rides simultaneously.


  • You can take with you on the long trip: small bottle of drink(0,5l) sunblock and insect repellent.
  • We offer long trips from April till October.
  • Price.: 1h riding is 18€/pers.+ picnic 12€/pers. For regular customers -10% discount.


What could be better that to enjoy sauna after the daylong ride. We have woodburning and electrical sauna. It´s possible to have a massage (0,5h 22€/person). Massage available every day during summer, in spring and autumn only on weekends). Massages by preordering only!


If you want to come to the long ride, please send us:

  1. Time and date.
  2. Number of riders.
  3. What is your riding experience? (can you steer a horse, trot, gallop?)
  4. How much do you weigh
  5. If you are a minor then how old are you.

It is extremely vital that you add correct information about your experience level. Only then we can choose you a right horse.