Pädaste trip

Duration: 4h or 5h riding +picnic

Break: Picnic. possible to walk in the manor´s yard an park and take a swim.

Description: Start from Tihuse Farm at 10.00. First half of the trip is 2,5 or 3h. During the first half of the trip there is a possibility to visit Mäla ancient burial site. Picnic in Pädaste and free time ca 2h-possible to take a walk in the manor´s yard and park and take a swim in the Pädaste bay. Then we tack up our horses and ride back to Tihuse 1,5- 2h. Arrival back from the 4h ride is around 16.30 and from the 5h ride around 17.30.

NB! We recommend to take the Pädaste trip especially in springtime when the nature starts to wake and spring flowers bloom and abundance of colors enchants your soul. In hot summer the Pädaste bay invites you for a refreshing swim.


HISTORY OF PÄDASTE MANOR: www.padaste.ee/ee/about/manor/history/

MANOR´S PARK: http://www.padaste.ee/ee/about/manor/park-and-grounds/