Võilaid (Foal Island)

Visiting our young horses herd on the island.

Duration: 5h riding

Break: Picnic

Description: Start from Tihuse Farm at 10.00. First half of the trip is ca 3-3,5h. We walk through the sea and arriving to the island we search for the horses. We greet them and then walk back to main island. Picnic ca 1,5-2h under the artillery base from the WW I. Then we tack up our horses and ride back to Tihuse 1,5-2h. Arrival back around 17.30


On the island we keep our young horses herd during summer. There are also cows and from time to time sheep. Grazing horses and cows creates ideal nesting conditions for the bird called dunlin (Calidris alpina schinzii). It´s a very rare bird in Europe. In Estonia there are 140 couples.