Horseback riding for beginners

Beginners can learn the basics of horseback riding on our experienced and peaceful horses. Guides send you on the route and teach how to sit on the saddle so that is comfortable for the rider and the horse. The guide shows you how to turn a horse in a desired direction and ride at desired speed (and helps you to win the horse’s trust).
For beginners we organise routes that take 1-2 hours. According to our experience, we recommend a 1-hour route to people who sit in the saddle for the very first time.
Different routes to neighbouring villages, mysterious forests and the ancient culture trail.

For bigger groups  we offer also a variant “half of a group on horseback and half group in the carriage”. During the tour the participants can horseback ride half the time and enjoy a carriage ride during the other half of the journey. In addition if you wish, we can arrange a visit to a sacred site with a rite also.                                         Please ask for a personal offer via e-mail

For children riding round on the court

One of our riding guide is leading the horse on the court and teach the rider.