Lalli slide rock

When approaching the rock it is recommended to greet the Rock Father by putting two hands on the rock and achieve the feeling that you do not hide anything from the Rock Father.

The northern people called the Nenets have a slide rocks where pregnant women come from hundreds of kilometers away so that the Rock Father could help them alleviate childbirth or to ease giving birth. A man or a woman who wants to build a house, start sowing spring seeds or write an interesting posting in the Facebook should also come and slide off the rock. The Rock Father supports and blesses everything we do and create. Rock Father enables to understand ourselves.

When sliding down the rock, we should place both arms on it, focus on our wish and then push ourselves down the slide. The Rock Father is always there and always ready to support our aspirations. Sliding down the rock leaves the person’s bioelectromagnetic print and that is the link between the forces of nature and the human.

Estonia has several slide rocks, but the Lalli slide rock is the only one in Muhu.