Horseback riding

Horseback riding

Our horses are steady and when sitting on the saddle you can admire the variety of nature and picturesque landscapes. We provide horseback riding in the nature for beginners and for the advanced riders.

Horseback riding routes take about 1-2 hours for beginners and 1-3 hours for experienced riders. For experienced riders we provide also long riding journeys: 4-5-hours of riding, plus a picnic and free time (about 1,5-2h).

In addition is is possible to visit ancient cultural heritage sites as well as introductions to the related traditions and histories of the sites. In case of interest visiting scared sites, please let us know it by making booking.

Horses are assigned to riders based on their level of riding experience. Also taken into consideration is compatibility – the horse best suited to you, as well as the level of difficulty and duration of the trip. All routes are led by an experienced guide.

As the Estonian native horse is rather small, we cannot offer horseback riding to people who are heavier than 110 kg. But you are welcome to our joyful carriage and sleigh rides.