Pärase Rash Rock

At the rash rock, a person will subconsciously seek support for defeating illnesses, using a site with strong power. The rock itself does not carry power. It is the mediator of power.

Pärase fairy rock is very intimate. One had to come here alone to open one’s soul and ask fairies for advice in intimate personal issues and clear one’s mind.

KWhen Eleea Hobustkoppel (1901-1991) was curing a rash her 12-year old daughter’s child Martin had gotten from stale water, she touched his flesh with objects of power: ears of grain, coal, salt and nails taken from a horse hoof. The horse’s mane and hoof have power and horseshoe nails are the mediators of the power. The rite was long. Grandmother repeated over and over again: „Underworld grooms, take the overworld virgins (i.e. the sick boy’s rash)“. Then she symbolically washed his body with wet fingers. If possible, the dew what was used, was gathered from some other the rock. With this rite, grandmother was able to affect the boy’s subconsciousness to such an extent that the organism was able to defeat the illness. One cannot pass by a ritual site without making an offering.