Ancient culture

A new log house and the world tree

The Island of Muhu has 104 sites related to ancient culture, 11 of them are represented in the photo exhibition in the tea house of Tihuse Horseriding Farm.
The exhibition is guarded by the World Oak of the Baltic Sea Finns that keeps up the firmament. The world tree of the ancient Scandinavians was the ash tree Yggdrasil. The ancient Germans also had a world tree, an ash.

The cultural perception of Europe’s forest peoples offers interesting parallels.
The World Oak carries four skies revolving around Polaris: the four compass directions, the four seasons, the four maps of heaven, the four major forces of nature – Mother Earth and her bounty of the land, the Forest Father and the forest power as spiritual support, Ahti and the power of the sea, and Uku and the power of the heaven.
Thus the world tree carries the firmament and the person’s spiritual space, the link with nature and decency.

We kept our sacred sites secret so that the foreign occupation regimes that started back in the year 1227 would not destroy them. By remaining attached to our ancient perception of life, we preserved our identity and remained whole as a people. This is how we preserved a bright sliver of the culture similar to