Ancient Culture Trail

Ancient Culture Trail

Estonians have lived on the shores of the Baltic Sea for over five thousand years.

The Muhu folk have been on their island for more than three thousand years. Our ancient culture, however, goes beyond those millennia. Back then every person linked their soul with the power of nature. That way he could rely on spiritual support at all times and in every situation. This perception of the world meant harmony with the spirits of the land, the forest and the sea. Mother Earth lets strawberries grow and every berry in turn contains the power of the land. Mother Earth also lets the flowers bloom in spring and the carrots ripen in autumn. We are in the care of Mother Earth.

We perceive the Forest Father as the bioelectromagnetic field of the forest. For the peoples in the wooded European regions, the forest is home, a source of living and the power of nature embracing one’s soul. Every tree and bush can be our counselor, for it carries the power of the Forest Father. Thanks to that we are open to good will, balance and helpfulness.

While walking on the sea coast we perceive irresistible urge to achieve, accomplish or contribute to something. This feeling is created by the power of Father of Water. Father of Water (Ahti) mediates the balancing power, fishing luck and bounty of the sea, separates and merges us with the realm of water to the north of Toonela, the realm of death. The River of Toonela (the Milky Way) opens during the time of spirits (October to December) towards the north where Toonela lies. The spirits of the dead can then get home and back.

Uku is the mediator of heavenly power. He gives support to our aspirations and dreams. Every farm had a grain bin for Uku in its granary for giving him offerings. Uku was also the target of the rites for granting wishes.

Our ancestors considered the link with nature’s power important at all times. There was much to do, but never in a hurry, because the basic spiritual support needed in life was constantly there. The link with nature was maintained at ritual sites that had positive power – in the grove, on the curative chant rock, at the sacred spring or by a pleasant tree. Coming to this place, a person knew that his family and kin have shared their best thoughts and bread with family, relatives and strangers, the local earth spirits and the latter shall respond generously in kind. We too leave our best thoughts along with our offering at these places so that the next visitors could enjoy them.

A ritual site is a place where we can open ourselves and obtain spiritual power. An offering can be a few grains or bread crumbs, a shaving of silver or a sip from the drinking bottle. It’s not the size of the offering, but the thought that counts.

The perception of life of our ancestors has been stored in our subconsciousness as our worldview.