Long riding journeys for experienced riders

Horseback ride across fields, on the gravel and forest roads and through local villages. We´ll discover local sightseeing’s, variable nature and interesting or sacred places. If you are lucky you may see wild animals (foxes, rabbits, wild boars, mooses, deers etc.)

4-6 hours of riding + picnic:

(For a more detailed plan of routes click on the name of the route)

NB! The destination route of long riding journeys have to be agreed at latest by the evening of the previous day, depending on the weather conditions and road conditions and the wishes of the majority of the company. We do not organise two different routes with a picnic on the same day!

On a ride we suggest to take along a small drink/water 0.5L and sun protection and an insect repellent.
Long riding journeys are provided from April to September!
Cost: Horseback riding per one hour is 25€/per person, a fee for picnic – 13€/per person. (For example: 5 hour route 5h x 25€ +13€ picnic=138€ /per person)