Koguva route

Koguva route - museum village

Ca 5-6 hours of riding +a picnic
Break – visiting the museum is optional
The route begins on Tihuse Horseriding Farm at 10 o’clock. The first half of the route takes for about 3 hours, and then there is a picnic in Koguva for about 2 hours. For additional fee you can visit Muhu Museum (3€/per person) and order a guided tour in Koguva (18€/h/group). Then horses are saddled and we ride back to Tihuse for 2-3 hours. The ride ends at about 18:00 -18:30.


Koguva is the best preserved living village complex in Estonia. The centre of Muhu Museum is Tooma Farm, which was the home of the well-known Estonian writer Juhan Smuul.

Further information about Koguva Musum is available at: HERE