Crossing of 7 roads

In the old Muhu tradition a crossroads is formed predominantly by three roads. It is rare to find a four-road crossing. Evil power can be dispelled in such places for ensuring good future. One can also perform rites of abjuration magic to improve health. Nature has areas of good power that are loved by animals. When humans start traversing animal paths, the magical crossing of seven roads might come into existence.

This is a suitable place for greeting the Forest Father (Tapio for the Finns, Tenn for the Komi people). For all of us, he is located to the west. When we go to a walk in the woods, we come back refreshed – we have acquired something of the Forest Father’s power, i.e. the bioelectromagnetic field of the forest. As a sign of good will, we need to make an offering to the Forest Father. Then birds will not shun us, animals feel no panic and we sense that we have been allowed onto the lands of the Forest Father.

A crossing of seven roads is also a good place to greet the lighting master Uku (a supreme deity for the Finns). For this, we need to knock thrice on the wishing rock. Uku mediates wishing rites. We must never wish something for ourselves, because such a request might harass someone else. We can wish something for a person, our family, a bigger or smaller group, our people or the humanity. The understanding is that if our loved ones are happy, we can be happy. It’s as easy as that. One must not disclose one’s wish or the magic decreases. In order to make a wish, one must knock in the hollow of the wishing rock with a stone, keeping our knee against the wishing rock because that is the mediator of power in this place.

Our ancestors had a personal relationship with nature that was independent of other humans; it meant finding oneself, building one’s spiritual space.