Accommodation in 3 different buildings. Total number of beds - 43.

The new house

  • Up to 15 beds
  • Up to 5 rooms
  • Private shower and a WC in each room
  • Wi-fi
  • Rooms are located on the first floor
  • Ancient Culture Café and a sauna with an electric heater are located on the ground floor
  • Built in 2010

The old house

  • 18 beds
  • 8 rooms
    • The first floor: private shower and a WC in each room
      • 2 x TRIPLE room (extra bed can be put into one of them)
      • 2 x TWIN room
      • 1 x SINGLE room
    • The ground floor: rooms without a private shower and WC. (There are two shower rooms with a WC for common use on the ground floor)
      • 1 x TRIPLE room
      • 2 x TWIN room
  • Wi-fi
  • There is a sauna heated with firewood, a common room with a fireplace and a dining room on the ground floor
  • House was built in 1934

The cottage house

  • Accommodation for up to 10 people
  • 3 rooms
    • 1 x DBL room
    • 1 x TRIPLE room
    • 1 room for up to 6 people (the room is through 2 storeys – 1 x SGL bed, 1x DBL bed on the ground floor and three people can sleep on mattresses on the first floor.
  • No shower and WC! The shower and the WC is in the neighbouring house 20 m across the yard
  • Built in 1879
  • The simplest, rustic and most affordable accommodation.
  • NB! Accommodation in the cottage house is not provided in winter.