Carriage, horse cart and sledge rides

Suitable for absolutely everybody who likes animals and beautiful nature but do not dare to ride on horseback. A driver leads the route and introduces the surrounding places and is ready to answers all your questions.
Come to Muhu Island together with your friend/girlfriend, family, acquaintances, colleagues or classmates and we will arrange you an invigorating hike to nature and the ancient culture trail or surrounding villages and magic forests.
You can sit comfortably in a carriage or horsecart and enjoy the landscape and good company.

WINTER, when the island is covered with a white snow carpet, we invite you to a sleigh ride in the snow-covered forest. We can provide four sleighs at a time. One sleigh accommodates about 4-6 people. The route lasts for one hour and suits people at any age.
If there is no snow, we offer carriage rides. You can drive all the year round!

  • Up to 5 people can ride in a carriage. We have 4 carriage.
  • A sleigh accommodates 4-6 people. We have 4 sleighs.
  • Up to 8 people can sit on a horse cart.