Good to know

Horseback riding

Due to safety considerations the maximum size of a group per one guide is 11 people. Usually the groups are smaller. Tihuse reserves the right to make riding groups according to the riders skills. A group is formed of people with the same level of riding skills. If there is a timid or less experienced rider in the group, the speed is chosen according to him/her.

To ensure your safety it is obligatory to wear a riding helmet and if you do not have one with you, we can provide you with it.



Dressing has to be comfortable, wind- and waterproof. Non-sliding gloves are recommended. Wear long trousers: non-slipping training pants, jeans without inner seams, etc. (riding pants if available).

Footwear has to be intended for sport, low heel (1–2 cm) recommended, sneakers are suitable as well. Flip-flops and other opened heels footwear are not suitable!

All rides have to be booked in advance– the sooner, the better.