Lehtmetsa rash rock

The Lehtmetsa grove pit is a sacred place where one could come to get a clear understanding or to ask for advice from natural forces. The grove pit’s power balances and relaxes the visitor.

The local rash rock is made special by the rare red moss that grows on the pit edges and does not appear every year; the Muhu people have not seen it grow anywhere else. By the rock we perceive the fairies’ readiness to alleviate people’s worries if we are able to overcome the stubbornness in our subconscious.

Lehtmetsa fairy rock is a on the curative chant rock by which hundreds of years people also have been successfully found solutions to social problems. When people have controversy with the people in the neighbouring village, neighbours, members of the family or in one’s soul, they turn to fairies and make the “human sign” anti-clockwise. This ends the process if we are ready for that in our mind and open to finding a fair solution.
When we want something permanent, we make the “human sign” clockwise. Fairies help to make our happiness everlasting.

No wild strawberry, flower, leaf, branch or anything else could be taken from the grove. One cannot pass by a grove without making an offering.