Power of the world tree

POWER OF THE WORLD TREE in ancient culture

The fairy culture of the European forest people is similar on a large area from Spain to Siberia: a human being is supported by the power of Mother Earth and the world.

POWER OF MOTHER EARTH is our spiritual and natural living environment

Each human being, a flower, a tree, a bush, a rabbit, a cat and a horse has a guardian spirit – fairy. By this we are all related with everything living, supported and dependant on the entire entity.
Great mullein treats diseases (cough, wounds, herpes, kidney and bladder inflammation), blueberry treats belly problems, nuts give energy.
Mother Earth lets flowers bloom in spring and carrots ripe by autumn.
The power of Mother Earth reaches us via fairies – the nature is fortified.
In some places we feel especially well, but in some other place not that well. Each place has its fairies and power. Sites with especially good empowering energy are used as rite sites. In Muhu there are 65 sites related to ancient culture, where people can come with their worries or find support to make their happiness last for ever.
Fairies are always at home and ready to support us; however, the best time for meeting is at midnight or at midday. A rite site should never be passed without leaving an offering even if no rites are performed. The size of the offering does not matter – it may be a tiny breadcrumb, a few grains, a grain of salt or something of the kind – it is important to connect our spiritual power with that site. We share our best thoughts with the local earth spirits and the latter shall respond generously in kind. We too leave our best thoughts along with our offering at these places so that the next visitors could enjoy them. A ritual site is a place where we keep our reserves of spiritual strength that we could lean on in times of need.

If we want support to make happiness last forever, we perform a rite and make a human sign clockwise, if we want to end a disease, social or mental controversy, we make a human sign anticlockwise.
At some place it is good to grow grain, at some other place your spirituality improves – Mother Earth’s power is overwhelming.

FOREST FATHER’S POWER merges with Mother Earth’s power

Walking in the forest enables to find balance, good will, helpfulness… After bringing a gift to the Forest Father birds in the forest are not afraid of us, wild animals do not panic. Forest is the common home of creatures living in the forest and forest people.

We are related to all growing and living beings. Muhu decoration – the eight-pointed star is the sun star and symbolizes everything growing and living. The people living in Mesopotamia 3000 years ago knew the same meaning of the symbol. Red Indians in America know the meaning of the pattern.

Our guardian spirit is always with us. If something tend to happen to us, we spit three times over the left shoulder – we make a DNA statement to the guardian spirit. Such a gift is a bit of us and much more valuable than grains, salt, coal or nails of the horseshoe. Germans spit still nowadays: “Toi, toi, toi” over the shoulder of a beloved person, who has been harassed. This is making a gift to the guardian spirit of the close person.

Mother Earth’s power comprises a network of fairies with which people are connected with all the essence at any moment of time. Such perception carries spirituality in fairy culture because for continuity a human being has to be worthy of fairies – be moral and humane. This was our ancestors’ everyday life practice – the only way of sustainable continuity.

THE POWER OF FATHER OF WATER unites with the power of Mother Earth

When we walk on the beach we feel the power to accomplish, complete or create something. This is the way how the power of the Father of Water works. Our Father of Water is known as Ahti in Finland. A perfect gift for the Father of Water is silver scrapings.

HEVENLY POWER – cosmic power

Uku in Estonian folklore is the keeper of thunder, for Finns an ultimate god. Western-Europeans and Scandinavians know in this meaning Thor, the son of the father of gods Odin and the goddess of fertility Friggi. Wishing rites are related to Uku. Three knock on the wishing rock are symbolic thunder strikes and suitable sacrifices. In general we cannot wish anything for ourselves, because wishing something for oneself may harass other. If we wish something good to our beloved ones, the luck of our beloved ones also turns to us – we cannot be happy alone in the forest. On Uku’s rock we can find solutions to general social problems: cooperation, extra-community hazards, future visions… Confusing matters become clear on Uku’s rock. The usual sacrificial gift is silver scrapings or coins.

Fairy culture formed the aesthetics and spirituality of European forest people for thousands of years and has been transferred to our sub-conscious till today.

In order to understand yourself, you have to understand our ancestors’ fairy culture.