Üügu route

According to group request 4 or 5 hours of riding + a picnic
Break – picnic + a visit to the Eye Spring (“Goat Chamber” and “Roebuck Room” caves under the cliff)
The route begins on Tihuse Horseriding Farm at 10 o’clock. The first half of the route includes riding for 2-3 hours. Riding along the coastline. A picnic at Üügu Cliff for about 1.5 -2 hours. Then horses are saddled again and we ride back to Tihuse for about 2 hours. The ride ends around 17:00.

Üügu cliff

The north-eastern coast is hemmed in with smaller and bigger cliffs. The ca. 450 m long Üügu cliff is the largest and most attractive of Muhu island. Visit the “Goat Chamber” and “Roebuck Room” caves and the magic Eye Spring.
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